People are Saying

"When I first started seeing Dr. Bell I had been diagnosed with over 10 medical conditions, each of which required multiple medications. In about a month of visits twice a week, I was able to make the decision to get off all of the medication, and pursue a natural method of healing. It has been 3 months now and my health has improved dramatically. I have also made connections between my body and my life that I never saw before. Dr. Bell is incredibly kind, compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. I feel this is truly some of the most important work I have ever done, and I would recommend Dr. Bell to anyone."             

                                                                                                                                          ~L.R., Writer

"I was referred to Dr Bell through two different people.  After the second referral I decided to give him a try. I've always had low back issues and most recently some neck pain. Being a Massage therapist I know the value of going to chiropractors because I can release the muscle but if the spine is out it will re-spasm the muscle or vice versa, if the muscle keeps spasming, it can pull on the vertebra.  But even knowing this I was not a fan of chiropractors for myself. A couple times I had went in the past the adjustments were painful and I never went back. So I gave Dr Bell a try, and I have been going to him since.  He does a more alternative form of chiropractic that is subtler. I noticed when I was out west it was very popular out there.  Not only has it helped my physical body but also I noticed I have more energy. I feel really good after I leave there.  I do not have the low back pain I once had. Also it made my heel and foot pain I was having for a long time go away. I didn't mention it to him because I didn't think chiropractic would help that. I also like that he takes a lot of time with you. He doesn’t rush you in and out. I had my partner start going and he has really helped him a lot too. He has really improved the quality of our lives.  I am very thankful to have found Dr. Bell."

                                                                                                                           ~J.B. Massage Therapist


"I have been under Dr. Bell's care for a little over a year and I feel better then I ever have in my life. I have been under Network care for over ten years and I love how it works so effectively on my body. In the past I had good results but never before has my whole spine responded so well and began to relax and open up relieving me of so much pressure and pain. I can turn my neck with ease and I have a full range. I can stand up with ease and all at once, not in stages talking my back into the idea of standing. I just turned 67 years young because I feel better today then I ever have in my life. I am happy and excited because I am not just surviving I am thriving. I can go for a walk and not have to worry if I can make it back or not.  Dr. Bell has helped to bring the best of me forward. The smile on my face just keeps getting bigger and better. I am so grateful he has come to Michigan to practice Network Chiropractic care. With his help I will continue to keep getting better and better and more active in life. I can keep up with my grandchildren.  Thank you Dr. Bell."

                                                                                                                                                                          ~A.M, Grandmother


"In the past I would not equate “chiropractic” with a deeper awareness of myself and my body. I would not have connected “chiropractic” session with developing my ability to be more aware and in tune with people around me and yet, that is what is occurring through my care at Dr. Bell’s office. I feel a greater sense of ease emotionally and physically. It seems as physical tension patterns are addressed, the emotional pattern that went with them is also diminishing. Bottom line — my spine feels wonderful. My mind feels at peace. I feel vibrant and alive. Best of all my family and friend, co-works and clients  have seen a change.  I am better for myself and a greater gift to those around me.   NSA is truly a health and wellness modality that must be experienced to be understood."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ~M. M., Bowen & Massage Therapist


"Dr. Bell has a unique approach in tapping into blocked energy channels in the spine and getting you in touch with your spine in releasing tension on deep levels. He is extremely intuitive and sensitive in his approach allowing optimal healing. This work is the missing link... I highly recommend it!" 

                                                                                                                                                    ~M.D., Certified Yoga Therapist 


"With Dr. Bell's help, I now feel that my back is healthier than it's ever been and that I will never have back problems again. Along with his gentle method, I have been taught breathing techniques, exercises and most importantly a new awareness of what my body's capabilities are in healing itself."

                                                                                                                                                                       ~A.N, Retired Teacher


"I originally took my son to see Dr. Bell when he was having difficulty paying attention in school.  I was not interested in putting him on medication, as the school and others suggested, but instead wanted to try his approach.  He helped immensely!   After only one session, his ability to pay attention improved.  After three weeks of treatment, his teacher was so shocked by the improved attention that he took me aside and asked if I had put him on medication.  Needless to say, after seeing such success with my child, I too started seeing Dr. Bell for treatment.  Dr. Bell has an amazing ability to work gently, yet purposefully.   He has been a wonderful influence on our lives!"

                                                              ~K.T. Writer


"I have been amazed at the profound changes with working with Dr. Bell. The chronic aching and stiffness in my back is gone and the healing process has led me to a greater sense of emotional relaxation and stress reduction. Dr. Bell has a quiet, competent, and compassionate manner. His intuition and ability to facilitate the healing process is remarkable."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ~B.B., Registered Nurse