Network Spinal Analysis

NSA is an evidenced based approach to wellness and body awareness. Gentle precise touch to the spine cues the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies. Two unique healing waves develop with this work. They are associated with spontaneous release of spinal and life tensions, and the use of existing tension as fuel for spinal re-organization and enhanced wellness. Practitioners combine their clinical assessments of spinal refinements with patient’s self assessments of wellness and life changes. Greater self-awareness and conscious awakening of the relationships between the body, mind, emotion, and expression of the human spirit are realized through this unique healing work. NSA is exclusively practiced by Doctors of Chiropractic in relationship to the identification and self regulation of spinal tension and subluxation patterns.

NSA was first developed in the early 1980’s by Dr. Donald Epstein. NSA is utilized by thousands of practitioners around the world and has been the subject of academic study, research and publication for its unprecedented effect in wellness and quality of life, adaptability to stress, enhanced life enjoyment, facilitation of constructive lifestyle changes. Studies are also being conducted as to its influence on the advancement and evolution of the nervous system's    strategies for self-organization.

NSA involves a progression through Levels of Care, each level offering unique outcomes    and opportunities for increased levels of spinal integrity and overall health.

BASIC (“Discover”) CARE:

This is initial intensive care where you will discover how your body can effortlessly find and release tension without having to think about it or “figure it out”.   In Basic Care, you will not only have less tension and pain in your body, but more energy and vitality as well.  The goal here is to get your spine healthy so that nerves, joints, and muscles can release stored energy and tension and become more at ease.  You may need to return to Basic Care at times of trauma or periods of increased stress.  Basic Care offers the opportunity to be at ease and present with your body, to connect with what your body really needs, and to grow through the wisdom gained.


This is intensive adaptive care, where your body and nerve system learns to naturally and effortlessly transform old stresses, tensions and traumas into fuel for growth and revitalization.  The goal here is to address chronic (long term) spinal distortions and facilitations, defense physiology, and underlying trapped energy to achieve a clear out of these patterns.  During Transform, you may experience a retracing of physical, chemical and emotional stresses as your nerve system integrates its newer levels of integrity. You will also begin to experience the Somatopsychic (“BodyMind”) Wave, spontaneous muscular motions as your body starts to make its own correction. As you progress through care this strategy refines to smooth coordinated responses. Your body will begin to adapt better to current physical, emotional and chemical stresses.  Transform Care offers the opportunity to use body and life tensions as fuel for growth, take action more consistently in life, have clarity of mind with greater focus, and gain the determination and courage to move forward in your body and life in new ways never before experienced.


This is wellness care, where you will awaken the subtle energy awareness between yourself and the world. With a body no longer experiencing the world through defense physiology, chronic spinal distortion or facilitation, you expand your awareness of tension, peace and ease, awakening your heart center and expanding the ability to compassionately experience the world.  Awaken Care involves continuing to fine-tune your spinal and neural integrity to allow you to reach new levels of Wellness.  It is for those who have achieved a high degree of spinal health and want care to continue to revitalize their health.  Awaken Care offers the opportunity to grow beyond conditioning, to know beyond a doubt who you are, why you are alive, and to express this uniqueness in daily living.

Benefits of Care

Research, in conjunction with noted neurobiologists, at the Medical College at the University of California, Irvine studied almost 3,000 people receiving Network care across the USA, Australia, Canada and Puerto Rico. The study found that Network Care is associated with statistically significant improvement in people's Health Related Quality of Life. People report sweeping, across the board positive outcomes relative to their: Physical Well-Being, Stress Levels, Emotional and Psychological Well-Being, Life Enjoyment, Lifestyle Changes and Overall Quality of Life. Notable self-reported life improvements from individuals who participated in this monumental research study:


Increase in exercise and motivation to exercise; reduction of pain; more flexibility in spine; fewer colds and flu; more energy, less fatigue; fewer headaches; decrease in prescription medicine usage.


Fewer concerns about small things; greater mental clarity & ability to stay on-task; ability to get more done; greater ability to adapt to change. Less stress relative to: emotional well-being, health, work, family, coping with daily challenges.


More life enjoyment; increase in positive feelings about self; less depression, moodiness, angry outbursts. More confidence in dealing with adversity; feeling open when relating with others. More experience of relaxation and well-being;


More openness to inner guidance; more positive feelings about self; more compassion for self and others; increase in meditation & prayer.




 “There can be no doubt that we are witnessing the birth of a powerful method of healing, grounded in rigorous scientific fact, that will become integral to future systems of healthcare.”

~ Kim A. Jobst, MA. DM. MRCP. MFHom,
Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

“Network Care has a direct effect on client self-reported wellness which is twice that expected from healthy lifestyle practices (exercise, risk avoidance, optimal food choices). Network also has a major indirect effect on wellness by promoting healthy life-style choices.”

~ Robert H. Blanks, Ph.D.,
Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, University of California, Irvine