Come discover and witness the body’s natural ability to unwind tension, structurally reorganize, revitalize, and move into higher states of growth and integrity through the application of gentle contacts along the spine!

Please join us for a FREE intro Talk & Demo on a very unique, gentle

and advanced form of Chiropractic care called:

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

Presented by Dr. Lawrence Bell, D.C.


7:00-9:00 PM


@ 1460 Walton Blvd. Suite #210 * Rochester Hills * MI *  48309

RSVP to (248) 266-8035

Topic of discussion:

Response-Ability”:  What would our lives look and feel like if we met (were able to respond to) life’s challenges not through our past tensions and stresses but through the experience of connection and peace?  The way we respond to life has a direct affect on how we live & experience the world, our capacity to grow, and our capacity to be fully alive.  In this discourse, the intimate relationship between response-ability and well-being will be discussed as it relates to spinal integrity.


  • Witness how gentle contacts to the spine teach the nervous system new strategies for dealing with stress and tension… watch the spine effortlessly adjust itself!
  • Witness how gentle contacts create spontaneous shifts in breath; alter the shape, position, and tone of the spine; and allow the body to move out of defense and into growth. 

NSA involves a progression through Levels of Care, each level offering unique outcomes and opportunities for increased levels of spinal integrity and overall health:

  • In Basic Care, we discover how the body can effortlessly find and release tension without having to think about it or “figure it out”.  We can be present with ourselves, connect with what our body really needs, and respond accordingly.
  • In Intermediate Care, we learn to naturally and effortlessly transform old stresses, tensions and traumas into fuel for growth and revitalization.  We take action with consistency, clarity of mind, greater focus, and with a new found determination.
  • In Advanced Care, we awaken to who we are beyond conditioning. We know beyond a doubt who we are, why we are alive, and we are able to express this uniqueness in daily living through the experience of heart.

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