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We offer a wide range of healing modalities, workshops, talks, and tools aimed at providing support and strategies to those individuals and organizations who wish to take their growth to new levels.  

Lawrence Bell D.C., owner of Integral Life Center, has been practicing Chiropractic since 2004 using very gentle healing methods that teach the body how to effectively move from states of stress into states of ease and peace.   

All healing methods utilized address most neuromusculoskeletal conditions (including-but not limited to-back/neck/joint pain, aches, stiffness, scoliosis), headaches, fibromyalgia, emotional & mental distress, and more.  The uniqueness with these methods lies in their effectiveness to bring the body and mind to a peaceful and resource-rich state where change can feel natural & effortless. 

These methods are also a great complement to the practices of Yoga, Tai Chi, Coaching, Pilates, Meditation, Breath Work, Somatic Bodywork and any form of Artistry as it can significantly increase baseline energy, breath, awareness, flexibility & posture, mental focus & clarity, emotional freedom, & overall creativity.

Whether seeking tangible results for a specific health concern or just wanting to connect more deeply to your body, senses, and life, these methods offer a myriad ways to assist in expanding the range of inner resourcefulness needed to access effective change and higher levels of growth.

For questions regarding these methods or to see whether this type of care is right for you, please Contact the office to schedule a complimentary consultation or an initial visit. 

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